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Pilates Stick
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1) Affordable Pilates bar kit provides an amazing exercise to shape your body and get the best of you, lose weight, tone your legs, arms and abs, lift your butt, feel amazing.

2) Pilates stick is often used for Yoga, Pilates, stretching exercises, fitness, and other training programs. It is also perfect for use by women after pregnancy and birth to keep their bodies in shape.

3) Steel, detachable and assembled pilates bar designed for long-lasting, easy to store. the resistance band is made of high-quality latex, Eco-friendly, no odor and it has strong durability and resilience, not easy to cause deformation.

4) Portable, take it anywhere, home, gym, office, park, travel, beach. almost anywhere you want to have an amazing exercise.

5) You can easily increase the resistance by simply rolling the resistance bands around the bar to shorten the total bands length , then you can choose the different intensity workouts to suit your personal goals. If any problem in the use, please contact us, we are happy to help you.

Package Type:

Product name: Pilates fitness bar

Product color: purple, blue, pink

Weight: 0.7kg

Packing: 30 pieces in a large box by default (20 pieces in one box can also be packed)

Box gauge: 30 packing gauges 58x53x42cm

             20 packing rules 58x28x42cm

After the product is connected, the length is 94cm